As childhood sweethearts, Cal and Lou Courville have been dancing together for more than five decades. While growing up in Acadiana, they were both raised as true Cajuns, speaking the language, eating the food, and dancing to the music. They¹ve been instructing since the mid 90’s, and have travelled around the country to teach and entertain thousands.

The Courville’s attribute their love of Cajun dance to the Blackie Forestier Cajun Aces Fan Club. Through the club, they had the opportunity to dance regularly and learn more about the Cajun music and their unique heritage as Acadians, the French-speaking people who settled in Southwest Louisiana after facing exile from Nova Scotia.

Currently the Courville’s teach Cajun dance lessons to many groups such as schools, churches, and tours. They also teach the Road Scholars Program hosted by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Cal and Lou Courville also teach group lessons or private lessons on demand. They can be seen dancing at local dance halls as well as local and national festivals. Experience their joie de vivre (joy of living) in their latest dance instruction video, ‘Danser Avec Nous!’ (Dance With Us!) available on DVD.

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