In 1999 we promoted Cajun dancing at a Cajun Fest in Dayton Ohio and Sault Ste Marie Michigan.

We also in 1999 to 2003 we traveled to a three-day Fest at the Amana Colonies in lowa for three years teaching and promoting Cajun dancing.

In 1998 we represented Louisiana on an eleven days and nights trip around a large part of the United States inviting folks to Louisiana's Franco Fete Celebration in 1999 with a Cajun band and two dancing couples demonstrating Cajun dancing. We were one of the couples. The trip involved with stops at Jackson Mississippi, Memphis Tenn., Chicago Illinois, Detroit, Mi., three days in New York City, Washington DC, North Carolina, Atlanta Ga., Bermingham Alabama. At all of these stops involved both Cajun music and dancing with television crews filming us and showing us to their audience inviting them to our Louisiana Franco Fete Celebration in 1999.

In 2000 we started teaching Cajun dancing at he University (USL). We taught there for about five years.

In 2005 we continued teaching at a dance school on Beadle Rd. in Lafayette for about five years.

In 2003 we started teaching and promoting Cajun dancing at a Concert on the Hill hosted by Stonehill Winery in Hermann Missouri. We taught at the yearly three-day Concert for a total of fifteen years. At the Concert we also taught a dance troupe each year to also perform Cajun dance routines to entertain at the Concert.

In 2012 we represented Louisiana as we attended The Quebec Winter Carnival in Quebec City Canada to share our Cajun music and dancing at the annual Carnival. We demonstrated Cajun music and dancing at the Carnival for three days and at four other beautiful sights in Quebec City.

We continue to teach Cajun dancing to groups, some schools, festivals and also private lessons. Please call us to schedule a Cajun dance lesson that will put more fun in your life.

To schedule dance lessons
or call: (337) 234-6709 or (337) 654-3817 or (337) 654-3841

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